Dallas Makerspace Show & Tell - December 2018

Post a picture and description of anything you are working on this month at the 'Space here!

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Let us see whatever you’re making! It can be anything from a small craft project to a large CNC router project to building a table to 3D printing to a science experiment and so much more. There are lots of people doing cool things at DMS all the time, but most of us don’t get to see it. Post it here and share the interesting things you are doing at Dallas Makerspace this month!

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  • a notation about WHAT you’ve made
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  • and WHY

I got a new drawer for my company vehicle to store my calibrated torque wrench’s & precision instruments. I needed to make a few bushings & fender washers. I started with 3/4” cold rolled rod. I cut them down on the Cold saw to about 1 1/4” long. I faced one end in the Lathe, then faced to length which was 1.163. I then drilled an 11/32 hole in the center, I made the first 2 using the spaces bits. The last 6 I made I picked up a couple cobalt drill bits. Those bits cut through it like butter, I only did a center drill to spot it.

This is what they went into, spacer to keep the plastic from collapsing.

I also cut 1.75” fender washers out of 3/16 stainless yesterday afternoon to distribute the load.

Today I put the 1/4 plate down that I cut at home with my plasma cutter with 2’ 3/16” square tube as risers. I welded that up while at the space while in the vehicle.

And as she sits now, I am still going to bolt more angle iron on top to put my Kennedy chest on & keep it in place. I will also put eye bolts in to tie the handles on the Kennedy.


Double-Header Classes with Lord Rook

I had wanted to take a leather tooling class from Steve earlier this month, but had a previous commitment. However, he had indicated plans to offer a dog collar making class. So a glimmer of hope was out there. I had also drooled longingly over the show and tell photos from his last resin/wood pendant class. But I assumed it would be a looonnnnnggg time before I had an opportunity to try that out myself.

I sent Steve a message inquiring about the leather class, and he responded that two were on the schedule, and with buckled collar making, I would have the added bonus of rivet installation knowledge. Woo-hoo! A day or so later, I saw he resin wood class on the schedule. Bam. I was in that class too.

Yesterday (Friday, Nov 30) was the collar class.

It’s hard to tell whether Dweezil approves, as she was more interested in annoying Sasha (other side of glass door) than posing for photos.

Today was resin/wood day. When he says it’s mostly a lot of sanding, he ain’t woofin’ I only shot it across the shop twice; once from the belt sander, and once off one of the polishing wheels. There is a thin swoosh of sparkle (like pearlescent paint) just under the surface, that adds additional interest, I think.


I found this peg game idea on the internet. Used some sanded 3/4" plywood I had kicking around. 6X6 triangle, used 25 degrees in the mitre saw, routered the edges. Made a template for the laser so when I cut the initials it also gave me a mark to drill. .25"drill bit. Stain and seal. .223 casings. Message me if you want the file to save you some time.


I made a leather backpack on Thor and a journal :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


I saw the backpack on Saturday, it looked awesome, well done.


Imagine you just asked your biggest crush out and they said yes. Do you get that overly happy smile/grin or at least know what I’m talking about? That was the face I had after completing a pen in John’s class. Next day, I took Steve’s pendant class, yet again, very happily satisfied with my end result. All my fellow classmates in both classes did wonderfully! Hopefully they’ll all post pics of their work (already see one did above).


I didn’t manage to get pictures of everyone’s pendants from Saturday (in several cases folks finished up and left while I was working with someone else, or I just plain forgot), but here’s the ones I did manage to get. Everyone made some really great looking pieces!


What is that in the resin?

Alumilite for woodworking (Slow version).

The fibrous stuff in the resin in the first picture. Looks almost like miniatures foliage (for model trains and the like)

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Actually yes, its moss dyed purple :slight_smile:

That backpack looks really nice. I saw it during construction, and I am very impressed with the finished product.

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On Monday, @talkers and I commenced “Son of Pen Killing” in an effort to actually complete a pen from start to finish. We picked out three contenders from my pen turning blank stash, and set about the hole drilling/tube gluing/end shaving all three. The first casualty split in half when I applied the wood punch. So I added another stash piece to the mix. Got them all prepped and ready. I started with a lemonwood adversary. And this time, I WON! (Small victory dance at the smushing-pen-parts-together doodad.)

At this point, john left me to my own devices.

So next up, I tried the dark reddish wood. I blew that one up. Sigh.
On to the spalted something. Which john warned me was or more experienced turners. Resigned to the possibility of another casualty in the Judy vs pen-turning-war, I strung that sucker up and got after it. And I nearly got it to the finish line. Had I listened to my gut and just switched to sandpapering the rest of the way down, it would probably have turned out. I decided to forge ahead, despite the blown out section. It’s really sorta pretty. Maybe the pen clip will cover the missing part??

Yeah, autofocus didn’t know what to focus on…

End score including part 1 of the pen killing adventure:
Dead pens -6
Finished and looking good -1


Tonight, I needlefelted again. And was the black sheep of the class. Again.
The plan was to felt holiday themed ornaments within the confines of a cookie cutter.
I made a zombie gingerbread man. I’m thinking I might have to make him a tiny “Lucille” baseball bat


Good Job on the first pen, it looks like Yellowheart wood!
The dark brown wood is Leopard wood and its not super easy to turn.
The spalted wood looks like hackberry. You should be good to hide small mistakes under the pen clip so give that a shot. Woodturners trick- If you have one of those blow out a small piece in the future, you can usually fill in the gap with saw dust and some CA glue :slight_smile:

The zombie gingerbread man is awesome!

Edit- I should also mention that spalted hackberry can also be tricky to turn. The spalting process often times makes a wood crumbly and I think I’ve had a 50/50 success rate with hackberry in particular, so also good job getting that one done without a full blowout.

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It was labeled as lemonwood. I bought it for no other reason than the fact that in @cghaly’s intro woodworking class, he mentioned having a client who anted EVERYTHING made out of lemonwood. Which made me curious.

Edit: The penclip coverup was a bit tongue-in-cheek. The hole is about a quarter inch wide. It the sawdust tipis good. I had idly wondered about polymer clay os some other hardening substance.

Maybe I could wrap a Batman bandaid around the booboo and make it a design element?

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Lemonwood tends to be a little more tan in color, but I’m not an expert so it could well be :slight_smile:


I like the idea of a batman bandaid!

Stain Glass 101 Class