Dallas Makerspace Show & Tell - August 2019

Post a picture and description of anything you are working on this month at the 'Space here!

It can be anything from a small craft project to a large CNC router project to building a table to 3D printing to a science experiment and so much more. There are lots of people doing cool things at DMS all the time, but most of us don’t get to see it. Post it here and share the interesting things you are doing at Dallas Makerspace this month!

You can also see some interesting things from last month at this link.

Posting here helps not only promote Dallas Makerspace, but could inspire others to make something. It will also help PR post a monthly look at what can be done here on a blog post (with attribution to each maker of course).

:bulb: NOTE: Please try to include the following on each post, to help make for richer blog content!

  • a decent QUALITY photo
  • a notation about WHAT you’ve made
  • WHO you are (for attribution on the blog)
  • HOW you’ve made it
  • and WHY
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Monstrous Notebook

Midori-style notebook cover. Made from “alligator” pre-textured vegtan leather. Hand painted eye, Sculpy teeth (glow in the dark is a bonus). Lined with suede pigskin.

Made for my daughter who’s getting into D&D.


That is freaking amazing. That is the most awesome D&D accessory that I’ve ever seen. You did an incredible job.


Is this what you were making last night?

Made this last night in Cindy’s dog collar class.


Yep. I’d had this planned for a while, finally moved it from my “todo” list to my “done” list.

I painted up the eye about a year and a half ago.

I made and baked the teeth earlier this week (FWIW, the Glow in the Dark Sculpy glows quite well).


wonderful work john

Err, Mike. But thanks just the same :slight_smile:

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Inlayed wood project. White oak base, with Wenge, Cherry, Yellow wood, mesquite and Bloodwood. 24" diameter.


Beautiful nick!

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Wow thats fine craftsman ship

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With the help of @nicksilva, we all made our dominos on the HAAS.

Left to right
@Cwatkins, @procterc, @malcolmputer, Myself & @matthshooter


hadn’t made a wallet back embossing stamp in a while so I found this while cruising the web and just had to make it into a stamp. 3" diameter in delrin. It would have worked either in the cnc or the laser so I did it on the laser 'cause it’s really hot out there.



Made myself a little exhaust bracket to cure my lovely exhaust rattle. Those are the best welds I’ve done so far, interestingly in the least accessable space I’ve had to weld in.


I made a website for my pole photographer, light painter & old member Kirk @culpritkirk

It’s hosted for free with Google App Engine on basically the fastest hosting in the world.
Using just HTML, JS & CSS
Made with Notepad

Optimizations aren’t in yet but you’ll get the idea.


Harry Potter-ish wand (still in progress) using lathe and bandsaw

Soldered blinking LED lights in @Dale_Wheat’s class (Thanks, Dale!)

Orange crocheted mittens (by request)


Redressed/refinished a 160 lb. Trenton anvil from the 1920’s




Thanks, Holly! I appreciate you participating in the class. Good luck with your projects!

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Thank YOU, @Dale_Wheat.

Folks, Dale is a solid teacher. I highly recommend his class.