Dallas Makerspace Show and Tell - September 2016

A new month, A new thread. Thanks to all those that participate. Its great to see what comes out of the space.


Sweet!! Ok, here is my latest project, made completely from scraps

Thanks to whomever made the composite boards lol


He said they are going to be used to make frames for sunglasses. (I don’t know his name, so if you are he, please take the credit). I want to see the sunglasses!

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Made a fence for my smallest micro-saw. For an idea of scale, the saw table is 6.25" front to back.

It’s an inexpensive little saw that makes decent cuts on thin material, but the cheesy fence that came with it was an unmitigated piece of poop. Just like any full-sized saw, the saw is only as good as the fence!

I started with a piece of 6061 rectangular bar stock, and milled away 88% of the material on the Bridgeport, and I was able to reuse the knurled knob that came on the original fence.

@BobKarnaugh and I set up the new Kurt Sidewinder vise (Thanks, Bob!) I wish I had taken pictures of this :frowning: It’s a slick “sidecar” vise that attaches to the main vise in just a few minutes and it holds work vertically. This enabled me to drill holes longitudinally for the two screws/bolts.

Now I just need to mill another slot for the miter fence on the LHS of the saw table.


I’ve been busy making fairy undergarments. :blush: They are made very quickly from rolls of decorator’s tulle and elastic. I recently joined a fairy troupe that does kid’s parties, so some of my leggier costumes need an overhaul–think less burlesque-y and more princess-y.

The picture is of a purchased corset that I’ve rounded out with a tattered skirt and underskirt. I’m wearing it to a gig tonight. If it holds up, I’ll teach a class on making a no-sew poufy skirt for costuming.


Moved giant press project into metalshop (very slowly)


I took the advanced CNC class and cut my first part out of HDPE. It cut beautifully! It’s quite thrilling to mill plastic :slight_smile: The part is a clip that will eventually be part of a larger design. This was a test run to see if the design worked. The design was inspired by a similar one I saw on opendesk, It’s different dimensions and material though. I did the design in solidworks. The clip works great! You can clasp and unclasp it easily with the force of your fingers. I was thrilled when it first clicked together :slight_smile:



Makes me really excited about milling plastic on the MultiCAM!


Details on the material?

It’s .5" High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). I used the stock feeds and speeds tapper set up. I had 3 test cut lines to fine tune the feeds and speeds, but it worked perfect on the first try. The router produced chips and left a great finish. The bit was cool to the touch at the end of the job.

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Sorry for the bad question - I meant source/manufacturer. Recycled I presume?

I bought this small test sheet on amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JPHYUHI/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Not sure all the details about it. I plan on buying two 1/2x54x96 sheets of UV stable marine board from regal plastics soon. They quoted 210 a sheet. The stuff is crazy expensive. I’ll have some large scrap pieces after i’m done with my project. I’m hoping to sell them on ebay to offset my costs a bit :slight_smile:

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Practical experiments in rapid design/fabricate/deploy are being extended to DMS members right now in the red toolbox.


I found out what happens when ice cream sandwiches aren’t frozen all the way when you try to freeze dry them.
They are still good. Just a little more inflated.

immediately after turning it on

about 2 hours after


You might have to eat all the evidence.


Installed some running boards on my new truck tonight.

It was nice having a place to install where it was air conditioned and I wasn’t laying on the hot driveway.

The truck was christened too. It’s not a vehicle project if it doesn’t draw blood!


Wanted to build tables to improve look of main work area but the board didn’t want heavy not easily moveable tables, so I built 8 Allen tables instead (~$45 each, a 4’x4’ sheet of plywood and 4 8’ 2x4s)

Ran out of glue, other 4 are coming next week

38 2x4s (needed 6 for drying rack)

Made a drying rack to hold the 8 tops while the oil based floor poly cured

Cutting down the 4x8 birch plywood tops

Rack made it easy to move around tops to spray paint and put the 2 coats of poly on

Made a jig on the tables to speed assembly, since I am using wood construction adhesive (with a ~24 hour cure time) I used 3" screws as clamps


That’s awesome!! Thanks Brandon

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I echo the sentiment. I am always impressed by the dedication and commitment of the members at DMS that donate so much of their time and talent to make DMS a better place to work. Brandon thank you very much for your time and effort. It is truly remarkable what you do for DMS.


Just in time for college football season. My wife is a nebraska alum, so naturally a huge fan of huskers football. I used the lasersaur to cut out a roughly 3 foot tall herbie husker (mascot) out of 1/4" plywood. I’m terrible at painting unless spray guns and masking tape are involved, so I also laser etched all the color borders, basically making it paint by numbers. I just finished the black borders, tomorrow I’ll spray it with satin clear to seal it all up. It will then have a stake attached, and go in the front yard on game days.