Dallas Makerspace Show and Tell - November 2016


Are curse words on our projects okay to post here?


In the past, members have blurred/obscured the words when they are especially bad, since this is a public forum with no age limits.


Yes Patrick curse words are fine. This is a public forum and those words are often heard / seen in public. We do not claim to be a “children’s safe space” to the best of my knowledge.


Wanted a headphone stand, worked up in QCAD and cut on the LaserSaur, I plan to recut out of something nicer like a sheet of poplar.

DXF here if anyone else wants one:


Bolt holes are 7mm so they will accomodate 0.25" bolts


Nice work Karl,
Those look pro! I just bought an aluminum under desk headphone hook and it doesn’t look near as nice as yours do. :+1::+1::+1:


Those are awesome Karl, I like the design. They will look great in poplar,etc.!


Thanks! I really want to cut it out on the PlasmaCam in Aluminum as well, I was inspired by a friend at work’s stand. This is about the 3rd iteration for me on this. I think I need to order some wider spacers for the bottom for better stability.


Soon enough @Karl_Lockhart you will be able to do aluminum. We tried last week with some with not much success. I was going to do that yesterday afternoon but had to work late.


For stability, do you think you could cut out a cross piece that could slot in to existing piece? Thus, creating a T - like base.

Aluminum would be nice too. I’d be interested to help out when you get to that point. I’m planning on using the plasmacam for multiple designs as well around a ground up cafe racer I’m designing. Aluminum plasmacamed and machined will be part of the plan.


I’ll have to try that, with the one inch spacer and 2 1/4" nuts it is pretty stable. But more stable is ALWAYS better.


Very nice workmanship!


Nice welds. Must be $10 in dimes there.


Spent Sunday will Lee going through the Metal Shops toys, MIG, TIG, PLASMA. I’m in the process of knocking some welding out so I came in today and built a 3rd Arm. It’s 2 railroad spikes, a railroad driving pin end and round stock from the scrap bin. Cleaned them up on the grinder and belt sander and MIG weld up.


Our new larger 3 ton gantry is now operational (pull up on caster wheel locks to unlock them)

It doesn’t have winches yet to raise/lower so its fairly difficult to adjust, but I can’t think of a reason anyone would need to adjust it (it cant fit through interior doors, too heavy to try and roll down ramp)

Yes it does clear the sprinklers


We need to replace that all-thread pin with a hardened pin.


Those threads are going to be crushed (and the holes possibly deformed) the first time something heavy is lifted.

Edit: I take that back. Looks like a more appropriate replacement has been fashioned.


I didn’t see that at first. I saw it (all thread)Tuesday night then last night. Glad to see it looks like it has been replaced.


I’m judging by the photo as best I can on my phone and noticed the absence of that tackwelded crossbar; not sure if it’s a truly appropriate replacement or not since I haven’t been there most of the week.


Just a temporary very thick pipe in there now, an actual replacement hitch pin is in the mail and will be here in a couple days.


I made coasters. I blurred it.