Dallas Makerspace Show and Tell - May 2016

Finally got a chance to finish my hall table and attach the hairpin legs. Not unhappy with the results, but I think in the future I’m going to get a cabinet shop to do a good spray finish on furniture. It’s stinky and I suck at it.

Cherry on either side, with 1.5" squares of leopard wood, indian rosewood, padauk, purpleheart, mesquite, goncalo alves and a couple others I don’t remember at the moment.


Replaced and organized general use toolbox, perhaps the black on clear labels were not the best choice

Only you can prevent messy workshops!


Finished a carving mallet and a jointers mallet early in the month

And created a jig to facilitate making the dulcimer sticks for the class, sadly the stick I made to document the process for the class broke before I completed it…


Your typical Friday night at the Dallas Makerspace.


I made some 3 sided signs for my mother’s office.

I glued three pieces of wood together to make a thick block, and cut out the triangles on the bandsaw with the angled table. I made a quick jig using scrap to hold the triangles flat, and used the raster function of the new thunder laser :slight_smile: I’m in love with the new laser!!


Finished up a couple of pieces yesterday. I started playing with some of the rose cut sapphires I acquired - love them!

Custom order with a green sapphire/sterling:

Dark blue sapphire with 14k gold bezel (the rest is sterling):

And a pair of ruby/sterling earrings just because:


I needed a spare key for my bike. Ordered two cheap blanks from Ebay. Used the hand vise and pattern files in Jewellery to cut a copy of the original. Worked nicely.


So, inspired by @coloneldan knife sheath class last week, I purchased a small knife sheath kit for my sloyd woodworking knife (came with a plastic sheath, yuk!), and produced this ugly thing. May not be well done, but I am please with what is only my second leather working project. Love the makerspace, I would never have even considered branching out into leather working with the space!

BTW, I experimented with using some woodworking dye in an alcohol base for dyeing the leather. Seems to have worked fairly well.


Looks great Walter. How may leather tools did you buy? Like me when you get into a new hobby, which is often for me, you go all crazy and buy a lot of the tools. Later you realize there are even nicer higher quality tools that do a lot better job and you go crazy again.

As you said in class, the person with the most tools wins :smile:


Still in the acquisition phase. But maybe two dozen so far…

Sage observation. I just advised a fellow miniaturist to buy the best tools he/she could afford. They’ll end up owning those tools eventually and they wouldn’t waste the money on the tools they will end up replacing.


Buying the highest quality tools I can afford is my “new motto,” however, sometime you’re just not sure you want to get in a hobby and don’t want to splurge on the best tools immediately. Regardless, higher quality, better tools are the way to go if you can afford them. Now I can just try out most hobbies I want to explore at DMS, before diving in and buying a lot of tools.
More importantly some tools I will never be able to afford and DMS has many of them.


Laser-cut earrings from patterns that I made for my Mom last Christmas. Now she wants me to put them on Etsy.


I’m surprised I haven’t posted this yet to show and tell. I have been working on my own personal 3D printer a Mendel90 which I got duplicate parts when my class built the Mendel90 for 3D fab (called “Mendy”, in a way they would be brothers). I used the Panucatt Azteeg x3 controller, surestepr SD8825 drivers, and Helios build plate PCB. It required quite a bit of trips to the makerspace to fix a lot of the issues it had. Now it has been printing ABS like a dream even without an encloure, it is rock solid and the parts look pretty good. It’s been mostly printing it’s own upgrade parts like a y-belt tensioner, filament guide and cleaner, and part cooling fan (still working on that).


I also have started a new 3D printing channel on Youtube called Mitch 3D. I will be doing more in depth review and tutorial videos for 3D printing and hope to make better and better quality videos.

I used the equipment in Digital Media (Sony RX-10, lavelier mic, box lights, Adobe suite) to produce the video, and it turned out pretty professional for my first time.


I love that you are advertising for DMS with the shirt!


Dallas Makerspace will probably be thrown around quite a lot in my videos. On this channel I will probably be going in depth specifically on the Polyprinters as well so we can have some video training to go along with the 3D fab training classes.

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Maybe someone can design a DMS background for use on Blue Screen. That would kinda cool and could be used by others that make videos.

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We’ve talked about setting up a paper roll backdrop to be used for this. I don’t mind the blue by itself. Sometimes using chromakey just to have a static image is kind of cheesy.

I really want to try to be like this guys videos, he has a background of a bunch of 3D printers.

Finished making this bowl today. Made from spalted silver leaf maple. Used the zing to laser etch a logo I made, “JW crafts”. Thanks again to @mkart for the gracious use of his expertise and tools. I’m calling this one “Grub Juice” due to the hidden gem I discovered within after I got sprayed in the the face while roughing it out.