Dallas Makerspace Gift Shop

Shirts are available once again. Also stickers, magnets and totes. There is a PayPal QR code for payment. If anyone wants to make it prettier please let me know.



Looked at the offerings yesterday and would probably buy at least one of each of the shirts, but I need 2 Xs with my L and that size is currently not available.

Would also like to specify color if at all possible. Who would I need to talk to to make that happen?

Thanks much!

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New sticker and magnet available now:

I put out more pride magnets (no plans to reorder these)


How do you make the stickers? I would love to see how you do it.

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I picked up two Pegasus stickers and one Pegasus magnet. However, I do not see where to pay at the kiosk (it’s missing from the common room?). Is there a PayPal name I can use? My old iPhone 6 doesn’t like the QR code on the wall.

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This page probably has the URL, too, for any fund QR code…

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There’s a Paypal QR code in the common room that maps it to a gift shop account in QBO. It doesn’t appear to be on the QR code wiki, I’ll try to add it tomorrow.

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Sorry - I just noticed that the QR code on the wall didn’t work for you. I’ll add the link ASAP. :slight_smile:

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Seconded. I’d love to be able to make something like these at the space

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Cash in an envelope. Mark on envelope what you bought - shirt, sticker, etc. Put envelope in mailbox next to server / infrastructure ofc in commons room.

You can put cash in an envelope in the finance box but this is a little bit of extra work for us - if you use the correct PayPal QR code or link it automatically adds the description “Gift Shop” to the PayPal transaction. Either way, any purchases from the Gift Shop are appreciated! :slight_smile: