Dallas Laser Cutting?


Does anyone know of a company that does Laser cutting here in the DFW area? I typically use the big thunder to cut designs in 3 to 4 foot by 1 to 2 foot pieces of quarter inch plywood. I’d like to find a company though, that I can have do the cutting for me, at a reasonable price. The larger the cutting area, the better.




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Dragon Street Laser

Several of our members own lasers. I invite you to get involved on our Meeting + Maintenance day on First Sundays, starting at 11am. You’ll learn how to perform routine cleaning and maintenance which will -first and foremost - have you giving back to the Space and increase your appreciation of the lasers and the volunteer team that keeps them running, but it will also help you decide if owning a laser is for you, then prepare you for maintaining your own laser.


Thanks, that’s a great idea!