Dallas Aurora Saturday November 3 2018 7pm-2AM


Dallas Aurora is this weekend. My wife and I went to an artist lecture at the Nasher tonight about Aurora. This is the 5th time they have done this. Sounds like it will be very interesting. It will be near City Hall, we scouted it out a bit and there is lots of parking South of city hall with easy access to I-30. If you don’t mind crowds come early, they are estimating 50,000 attendees. At the last two that we went to it started thinning out after 10PM.



I’ve been before. It is just beautiful. Take DART in to not have to deal with parking a car in that area.


Went last night as some of the artists were setting up. This is a giant video on the back of city hall, looks 3D. I talked to a neon artist who teaches classes. Im going to have to take the class. Don’t miss this tonight, it will be 2-3 years till they do it again. My favorite was a sound effects artist from norway, also on backside city hall. Don’t think you can watch it to the end, it is 6 hours long