Dallas Area Robot Combat Meeting: June 5th 12:00pm

We will be meeting in the interactive classroom at noon.
Feel free to bring bots and projects.

Discussion Topics
-Battlebots Watch Party

I have no real skills to offer, but am willing to learn. I have long wished for some way to be involved in them. Mind you, I am an old lady with poor computer skills. Many years ago, I did have an electronics class.

Any place for me at this?

Sorry for the late reply…
Anyone and everyone is welcome at our meetings. Right now we are just trying to get off the ground, but if you’re interested our members have nearly endless knowledge and we will probably be doing some tutorials and building classes in the future.

Here is our facebook page:

and here is a link to our new website:


Thank you , I am going to see if I can plan my time so I can get involved. I will be at the space a lot this summer working on jewelry and clothing, (for sale), but I love learning new skills

No can see.

Believe it or not, not everybody does Facebook…

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I believe it and think you a stronger person than I. The Satan caught me at a weak moment after being cajoled by a girl friend, opened an account. I locked it all down and haven’t made a posting on mine for nearly two years.

The July meeting will be at noon on Sunday the 3rd.