Cutting Aluminum 7075

I’m guessing it’s OK to cut on the aluminum saw but I’m just double checking since it’s not 6061

As long as the aluminum you are cutting isn’t too small then your ok. You want about 3 teeth engaged in the cutting, otherwise you will get the aluminum stuck in the gullets of the saw.

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And be especially cautious about round stock, right?

I thought there was some kinda rule about that … since I demonstrated that trying to cut small round stock would fling the piece and break the teeth off the blade. Or was it just a caution?

I think we decided on 1/2 or 3/8” round stock for minimum

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I was cutting 1/2" stock and we demonstrated that was clearly too small. I wonder if we decided 3/4" maybe?

Make it 2.25X the width of the gullet (tooth point to tooth point) for round stock, that means it cannot get to the center point/diameter and grab it if round . This would be an objective way to do it.

Flat, angle, square tube stock reacts differently than round stock.

My two cents worth.