Cute little poppy little instruction/advert from hive (Makerspace)

The hive is the Makerspace located within the Lewisville library. They offer a wonderful smattering of smaller maker tools for the public and (from my POV) a hard to work with schedule.
Anyways, they are releasing cute little instructional videos via Facebook. Catchy, poppy, easy to digest.

Sorry it’s a link to Facebook if you don’t have it I’m not sure where the original is posted:
This one is for resin casting

Just an idea to share


The video played just fine for this non facebook person.

It is an appealing video, DMS could improve its popularity if it made instructional videos like this.

Resinate. Now I get it.

That’s what I was thinking. Short little intros to the “areas” with sub 3minute videos. However, it would take an effort to create them.

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A) the video doesn’t work for me… probably wrong browser/os/broomstick…
Here’s the link I found that does work (on fb) (techincially the same link you posted, but it appears to work, whereas there’s no clickable on your post, which I don’t get at all…)
B) I haven’t been diagnosed, but I probably should be, with ADD. I can’t seem to make it more than 30 seconds in without going “THREE MINUTES???” and then doing something else…
So, if you’re going to make these videos, keep 'em short, like 30 seconds. ACTIONACTIONACTION. Immediately. So it captures our limited attention. And remember, not everyone has all sound all the time. I’m guessing something is going on at the beginning, but without sound, I can’t tell… Captions. Flashing lights. Something.


I totally understand.