Cut into Multicam soil board, patch still drying

Hi, just wanted let yall know I messed up a cut path on the multicam so I ended up plunging about a half inch or so into the spoil board with a 3/8 inch endmill.

I patched it but there is a lot in there so it will take a while to dry. It also bowed in a bit since it first applied it, so a second coat might be in order.

I’ll be back at 10am ish to finish up the repair, so in the mean time avoid section 4.




Thanks for addressing it and following up.


Out of curiosity, was it

  • a bad design file
  • a slipped collet/bit
  • a bad material/bed-height registration
  • or something else

to blame?

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I literally just forgot to set max depth. The toolpath before used a .5in vbit. Those obviously have very different lengths. So a mistake that might have done a bit damage turned into something deep.

Sorry : /


What kind of glue did you use to patch it & is there any at the space

Repairs are supposed to be done with Durham’s Water Putty. There is supposed to be a can somewhere around the Multicam.

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I used the Durhams, it looks more yellow than usual because it’s not a thin layer like all the other cuts.

Where do we buy our bits from?


@Kevin @Brian
Here’s where the majority of our Multicam mils come from: