Custom Power Drawbar

Thought I would show off the Power Drawbar that I made over the past couple weeks. It’s an amalgamation of others that I found on YT. It was pretty fun learning about pneumatics and figuring out how to route the air correctly. The most interesting challenge I had was to figure out how to make either the cylinder pull down on the top assembly regardless of which direction I needed the wrench to turn. It’s subtle but you can see it in the video in the album that whether I’m pressing the In or the Out, the cylinder pulls the wrench down onto the nut and exhausts slowly to let the springs push the assembly back up.


That looks cool.

What is a power drawbar?


Very nice Paul.

A power draw bar pulls the collets in & out. It’s nice to have.


Thanks Tim. I probably had well over 20 tool changes just during the making of it. My mill is fairly tall and involved me turning a wrench and hand tightening/loosening every time. It was getting really old…


that is impressive. good job!