Current status on Cairenn

Still testing. Probably not a heart attack or a stroke. Possibly a severe electrolyte imbalance, but that’s not definite.


thanks for keeping us updated, that was a worrysome way to spend the evening


Let’s hope for a speedy recovery!

A big thanks to the members who were there, responded quickly, and made sure she got to the hospital.

If Cairenn needs anything let me know.


Maybe I can get this toasted while I’ve got some Wi-Fi the Wi-Fi here at the hospital is extremely spotty. It seems my problem was a kidney infection and somehow I got dehydrated. I normally drink half a gallon or gallon of water a day plus some starters I’m still haven’t gotten anybody to explain. Doubt they probably won’t keep me long. By the way the hospital is so crowded the I’m still in one of the ER room. They haven’t found a bed for. Another reason for people to they did a bunch of cats cans and other tests done no sign of a heart attack or stroke yes that’s good song I’ll see y’all again in a few days


Oh, Cairenn , I’ll be praying for you and for your medical team.

I hope you feel better soon! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you during our last few classes together. I look forwards to hopefully seeing you back at the space soon, I am keeping you in my thoughts Cairenn :heart:

Thank you for your thoughts hey. I am feeling better no relapse of what happened I’m still shocked at the I think my body was giving me the middle finger!



You’re in my prayers for speedy recovery

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Per her FB post – she’s been released. It was primarily a kidney infection. She’s headed home now.


what is with all these kidney infections lately? thats literally 3 i know of this week that made people wind up in the ER :frowning:

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