Current status of the Electric Buildout

Rich is still working on the drawings. He’s got all of our info – he just has to turn it into a drawing that can be taken to the city. If you’d like to help this move forward – don’t let anybody talk to Rich!! Too many people asking him questions is slowing him down somewhat.

After he finishes the drawings/schematics/etc. then they’ll get submitted to the City of Carrollton for approval. We didn’t talk about how long that could take, but I imagine it’ll be a week at minimum – maybe as much as a month. Once the city approves the drawings, then we go get bids. Once we pick a bid, then we go get a permit from the city. The price of the permit depends on how much the work costs. It’s not hugely different, but you know bureaucracies – they love to nitpick.

My personal, gut feeling (uncorroborated by any stated facts in the Expansion meeting) is that we’re looking at a minimum of 3 months before a contractor actually starts. Again – this is just my personal feeling of the time involved. Nobody at the Expansion meeting put any sort of time frame on this endeavor.

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