Current DMS Bio Lab capabilities

Hello all! Despite the current closure due to the virus, I am wondering what the current biological laboratory capabilities are of DMS. I have referenced both the DMS tool list wiki, as well as the Science Lab Equipment wiki. However, from videos I have watched from Josh Melnick it seems that the list is out of date. I would like to know specifically what tools, machines, and reagents are available to use at DMS for microbiology experiments whenever it should open again. Please also let me know if there is any training required for any of the machines. Thank you for your input and clarification.



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What are you specifically looking for the list is kind of long? Kobin was working on a more complete inventory but it isn’t done yet.

Generally we just do 1 on 1 training on what you are interested in, on Sundays at 2:30pm or by request. We have talked about trying to get together some training classes, but covid and whatnot.

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My list of interested items is also long, but for now the big ticket items are most important. What does DMS have in regards to autoclaves, centrifuges, freezers, biological safety hoods, microscopes, N2 dewars, and other expensive equipment? I am also interested in either the model number or the specifications for those items because of the great diversity of capabilities and function. Thank you for your help.

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We have PCR thermocyclers, centrifuges, basic refifrigerators, we have N2 dewers, gel electrophoresis

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Thank you. If you know, what is the maximum rpm and/or RCF of the centrifuge?

sorry I dont remember off hand but I think its like 12000 RMP, we dont have an ultra-centrifuge yet, its one of the best non-commercial, non-academic labs in the country. A very good foundation has been set, for an ambitious and talented microbiologist.

Thank you again for that information. Do you know information on the incubator? Is it a CO2 incubator?

yes it is, you want to do human cells?

We also have an autoclave, it’s a little touchy sometimes but it works. We also have a laminar flow cabinet. There is a fume hood, but it’s currently not up to legal compliance, so that will probably be a board item in the near future and I recommend showing up and voicing your support. Various microscopes but I don’t think anything too fancy, I haven’t really looked to be honest.

I am not sure if @kobin wrote down the model numbers of anything.

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For centrifuges we have:
-Thermo Speedvac (centrifuge for eppendorf tubes with vacuum hookup to evaporate solvent)
-IEC HN-S2 centrifuge
-giant refrigerated floor mounted centrifuge (don’t remember model)
I have a full list of equipment but it’s not digitalized yet. Most of it needs to be tested for functionality…that’s what we were working on before DMS shut it’s doors.


This is the list of equipment… just scratching the surface of what we have though as lots of other items are in boxes.


That list is excellent! If we do not have it, I would recommend getting a spectrophotometer for DNA/RNA and cell culture counting.

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We may have one, there are 10 more pages of stuff in boxes


we have a Qubit

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What’s the lami flow hood like? Those are generally large items.

it is large, more than adequate for most anyone’s needs.