Crude lost wax melting give away - pot & wax


In my continuing effort to clean out several decades of making/hacking debris, I have this pot that came from popcorn popper, temp reduced by plug-in dimmer. Contains several pounds of microcrystalline casting wax. I used the wax to make working shapes for assembling wax for investment brass casting to blow glass into: Square bars for containing wax slab/wedge on plate glass plate are available. Will throw in wax rod leftovers as well.

The bad news is that I can’t shlep it to Makerspace so it will have to be picked up in the Lakewood area of Dallas just off East Grand=Garland Road


I can probably pick it up sometimes as I work in the Garland/Rowlett area. Just need to find out where and when.


Nobody has yet. m dot firth at att dot net for address, etc. available most days & evenings
I really should learn how to do private messages on this board.


You have the necessary trust level (“basic”) so you should be able to initiate them as noted above.


Ok, am on work computer right this second but I will e-mail you from my computer after 2 PM.