Creative Arts Office Hours - Sign Up Sheet

My suggestion of starting up CA Office Hours so that people can be trained/signed off on the basic equipment was so popular and I had so many people volunteering to help host them that I decided I needed a good way to accrue and parse that information so we can try to pair complementary hosts together and get as much coverage as we can. We will probably begin with one day of office hours per month, but might extend it to two depending on the availability of hosts.

In my opinion, ideal days for office hours would be one Thursday night per month (which would also allow us to have someone on hand for greeting tours) and one Sunday afternoon per month (so as not to conflict with Saturdays, which seem to be the most popular day for classes), but if that doesn’t work for the group collectively we can figure it out.


Moving this to Google Forms as apparently the ability to export to a spreadsheet is a paid function on Survey Monkey. For all of those who have already filled out this survey I’ve already transferred your answers by hand.

The new link is here.


Also, if you haven’t seen the beautiful hall monitor vests Shay bought for office hour volunteers, go find Judy and ask for her photo. It is probably the only photo of me I have allowed in a while.
They are the best shade of hot pink.


…and they are reflectorized! If a motorcycle comes screaming down the hallway, they’ll know before running you down.