Creative Arts Committee Meeting will be a potluck 12/6/18 6:30p


We’re going to sit back and enjoy the evening (and probably cover 10m worth of committee stuff) @Team_Creative_Arts

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come, sign up here for foods:

I just put it in the calendar so it will hit in the next couple of days. Never a dull moment.


Time flies when you are having fun…


Thank you so much Bill. Hope to see you come and we missed you at the Strandbeest bike build


On the monitors now.


Hey creative types! Don’t miss this tasty committee meeting!


Just pushing this up so people can see it.


Howdyyyyyyy people. Who wants to make something and be wonderful with CA. Come and join in the fun.


How is this even possible? CA meeting will be this week!

We are going to discuss some small details, hug on one another, and feast like only we can. Come, bring something, enjoy each other before the real madness of the holiday begins.


And for chuckles, you can go th the Google doc linked at the top of this thread and see spirit animal choices for at least five creative types.


I’m sorry, food is no longer allowed at DMS.
We cannot condone anyone spending money on frivolous things such as food or fun…

just kidding … :stuck_out_tongue: I love potlucks!

I might be able to make it … I wonder what I should bring … hmmm


LOL! I also love food and rarely miss a chance to bring one of my own wonderfully made dishes. Who eats that fast food crap anyway? :wink:


Well crap. Sorry everyone. It just dawned on me last night, that tomorrow is St. Nicholas day. We celebrate with small gifts, and by putting up the Christmas tree. Family time trumps DMS.

I will not be at the CA meeting, and neither will my chili. Sorry folks.


And more sad characters.


Never mind. My pouty face worked and I get to come. I already cancelled in the calendar system, though. Oops.


Since we have rotisserie chicken… should I bring tortillas, shredded cheese, sour cream and some guacamole to make tacos for those inclined? Vegetarians can make a quesadilla out of it.

Add: And salsa


David said he was going to bring tortillas and cheese but yes to everything else in spades.
I have meats and cheeses and chickens and bread.
Steve and linda will be bringing some fancy dancy crackers and sodas