Creative arts center of Dallas - fall schedule

It’s always good to see what’s cooking in the df-dub the covid smackdown has personally placed me in a tube and I can’t seem to figure out what’s going on outside of my personal doings so I’m trying to push myself to at least know what’s happening. This place is not a Makerspace, ya I know It’s a hefty fee and not open 24/7…and has a firm educational structure…and…and…and…that’s why I made sure to say this isn’t a Makerspace…this place is structured very differently in every aspect…but it revolves around creativity and the ever valued open mindset and someone might find this of value.

Thought I would post so you can poke around:


The Craft Guild Of Dallas is another art center with lots of different kinds of classes to check out. They are located in North Dallas.

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