Creating sculptures from doll parts

Hey folks,

Saw this on the Book of Face and thought it would be something of interest here.




I will surely have nightmares but I’m oddly fascinated.

@uglyknees This is your jam I believe.

Looks like I need more baby doll molds.


Definitely nightmare fuel.

Thats superb. how to we source massive piles of doll parts?!

Well, you could keep checking thrift stores and other resale places. You could learn slip-casting… Although, for all the doll parts, you’d probably have to buy some of the body-part molds. I think we own the larger doll head mold. It certainly shows up in the firings rather often. But I don’t think we’ve got any body parts. Or, maybe work with Julie, as she might be buying some. In her copious free time…


I had so many doll part molds and they were all snapped up so fast!!! There are a lot on eBay though… :slight_smile:

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Try Scrap.

If you’ve never been, you’re missing out.


When I first saw this, “Pinhead” from Clive Barker’s Hell Raiser series came to mind.
Cenobites anyone?

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Ditto on suggesting SCRAP in Denton. They had plenty of disembodied doll heads last time I was there. Might have been parts too. The heads were a little distracting. The eyes followed… shudder

Great place. Think of it as Goodwill for craft supplies.

Also a great place for donating unwanted craft supplies that someone might find useful. I find it more comforting to release them back into the wild by donating versus just trashing them.


I’ll remember this as we’re sorting through Cairenn’s decades of craft-supply collecting.

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They have a list on their website of what they accept and don’t, plus no donations on Sun/Mon.

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