Crash course question?

Hi! First time here also just took the ceramics 100 class!

Anyways I was curious and wanted to make sure. In ceramics crash course and the ceramic mug part 1 and 2 do we bring our own clay? Or is some provided for a fee or free? I didn’t see it mention either in the event pages so just wanna make sure I don’t come empty handed and look like a fool lol


The ceramics crash course and mug class, clay is provided by the instructor. Most of the classes clay is actually provided (I can’t think of any where it isn’t). Usually only if you’re going to throw on your own best to bring your own clay.

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Okay awesome thank you so much! I wasnt sure since most things if provided by teacher itll mention to bring some money for them!

Awesome im excited! I signed up for multiple classes this week!

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Happy throwing!