Don’t know how to use the wiki or struggled with figuring out certain features? This class is for you.

Fri May 24 7pm — 8:30pm

This class will cover:

  1. How to access and login to the wiki.
  2. How to find relevant info by browsing categories and using the search function.
  3. Creating a new page.
  4. How to edit a page using the Visual Editor (I’m hoping I’ll have it working before the class).
  5. How to edit a page using mediawiki formatting (source editor).
  6. How to use categories and templates.
  7. How to monitor the wiki for changes you care about.

signed up, you are aware it will still be pretty darn hot in that room right?

We’ll use the heat to motivate learning quickly :rofl:


I’ve updated the Wiki Examples page to show off the basics of MediaWiki Formatting. Hopefully these examples will make using the source editor a bit easier for everyone.


using this resource, ive already made progress, delaying so I can live edit (and record via OBS – not for streaming, but as a work example) this friday night during class.

thanks again teach for offering this class!

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If you have access to the server, I can help you fix it!


Good news, the Visual Editor is now working! I suggest trying it out.

Also of note, I’ve updated the description to request that people bring a laptop (if they can) so that they can follow along and try things out.


I hope I’m not stepping on any toes, but folks often wonder “where should I start?” because they don’t want to fubar anything important.
Firstly, mediawiki is built to be easily revertible, and is. So IF you fubar something, fear not, it’s easily fixable.
Secondly, I suggest starting with your own page. Did you know you have one? You do. Top right, your username:

Put interesting things about yourself in there. It’s good practice, and if you fubar it, only you pay the price… :+1:


Good point! Using your own user page is an excellent way to practice editing, and it’s an awesome place to document your projects too.

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Wait…we have our own wiki page? Does this include family member add-ons?

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Mr. LeCody probably knows more about that than I do, but…
IF you can log on to the wiki, you have a user page on the wiki.
As far as I know, all members with a DMS.LOCAL account can log on to the wiki, and that would include family member add-ons to the best of my knowledge (but I’m not really very knowledgeable about that stuff).
Also, our wiki was stand alone at one point (and might still allow stand-alone user registration; I’m not sure) so those users would have user pages. So, repeating now, if you can log on to the wiki (or once could), you have (or did have) a user page.

Hmm, so in trying to log into the wiki I had the system send me a password reset. When I use it, it tells me it’s a temporary one, please create a new one (cool, cool), and it gives me the prompts below to enter.

When I do, it tells me that I can’t use the authentication page to enter new passwords. Soooo, what’s up with that? How can I reset my password if it doesn’t let me or am I missing something simple? Will this be covered in your class @AndrewLeCody?

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Password resets are outside the scope, that’ll be a @Team_Infrastructure issue.

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the password is actually your DMS login, the password reset on the wiki doesn’t handle that and the local logins aren’t really supported for the purpose. send a PM to team_infrastructure and one of us will help out

Great class tonight, and thank you to @apparently_weird for filming it for the board members who could not attend.