Craft supplies for sale or possible donation to the Creative Arts


So was digging through shelves to clear up space and found some bags containing arts&crafts supplies and just need to know if any individual would be interested in buying any of these supplies or anyone in the Creative Arts board think any of this would be good for a donation? I am just going through the first bag atm seeing if any of this takes off so I can do the same with the other bags, but there mostly seems to be kits for gold/silver leaf, sandpaper, ennamel powder, and micro beads?



Paging @uglyknees @BarkingChicken
Also micro beads for resin? @Edenblue


Resin would be interested in these for inclusions. We can use the silver and gold leaf and micro beads.


@spencleb thank you! and @Edenblue will get with you for the details of the donation. I’m glad they will be given a second life!


Yes, thank you very much! When will you be up at the space next?