Craft Guild of Dallas Swap Thursday 11/29/18


I tried to put this together a few years ago-ish and it didn’t go over really well. I’m sure it could do better with a different push. Read the description and see what you guys think.


It makes sense to me. My only question is when was this advertised? it looks like its in about an hour and more notice would be good.


I have no idea - I got the “reminder” my guess is if you’re an actual member of the craft guild (I’m not) you have prior warning and it looks like it’s a quarterly event so it’s probably pretty turn key.


I went and looked and I don’t understand their pricing. There’s a yearly membership fee? But I can’t find what it costs. Then a workshop fee? Then a materials fee?


Here’s from when we visited with a maker crawl

Classes ranged from $100-300 from what I remember. I think to join you paid something. I would love to go back and see how they’ve snuggled into the space.