Covid-19 Vaccine Trial, Pfizer

I joined the fight against Covid-19 this week.

On Tuesday, Sept 1st, Pfizer’s testing group, Ventavia, injected me with a test substance in the Phase 3 trial for their Covid-19 vaccine. There was a pretty thorough screening process of current conditions, medications, and an initial blood draw for baseline data, before the injection. After about 5 minutes, I started feeling dizzy, and 10 minutes later that feeling was gone. About 6 hours later, my shoulder developed a noticeable ache, just like you get after a Tetanus or Flu vaccine. The ache went away in 2 days.

On Sept 24th, they will give me another dose. 7 days later there is a 2nd blood draw, and they will assay the blood for IgG and IgM antibodies. In Phase 2, there were about 260 subjects, 18-45 years old. This vaccine evoked a 3.5X count of antibodies as compared to the counts measured in patients who survived the natural disease process. In Phase 3, Pfizer is hoping to see a 1.5-1.8X antibody count in the At Risk Group (55-85 year old) test subjects totalling more than 30,000. This is the biggest clinical trial on record for Pfizer.

I’ve been prohibited from taking Hydroxychloroquine and any other vaccines (Flu, Shingles, etc…) until after Oct 22nd. They gave me a Covid-19 self test kit, with the instruction that if I develop any Cold or Flu symptoms, I am to use the kit and ship the sample to Pfizer. In this event, I can quit the trial and seek medical care from my personal Physician.

On Oct 22nd, the FDA Advisory Committee will meet to review Vaccine Trials and results to date. Currently, the US Govt. has allocated the manufacture of several of these vaccine candidates before approval by the FDA, under the Operation Warp Speed program. On the date of approval, there will be millions of doses of vaccine released and shipped.

We are going to end this nightmare, Go America!


wow cool man!

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Thank you for such a detailed description. I’ve read about it, but it feels way more real when a real person reports it.

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Good luck. We’re all counting on you. :slight_smile:

I was so hoping our Science Committee was developing one, but this is good too. :-). Thanks for the report and for volunteering.


I honestly think we have enough Bio/Chem talent to take a stab at the Spike Proteins, but the powers-that-be would absolutely freak out. And then there is the problem of containment, WVI did a bang up job with that! :bat: :bat: :bat:




The Study sponsored by AstraZeneca & Oxford University has been halted. A participant in the UK has experienced a very adverse reaction, so it must be investigated before resuming.

AstraZeneca & Oxford had pushed a chimp based virus for a vaccine.

The vaccine I took was an mRNA based vaccine. Instead of introducing a virus, the BionTech vaccine uses a messenger RNA to send instructions to your DNA about how to kill the virus. This is Next Gen Stuff.

My confidence is still high. I think that BionTech has the tech, and really knows what to do. Moderna is probably close, they know what it takes also, Both are mRNA based.


Did you research and choose which trial to be in? Or was it more of what was being offered in the area?

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I did some research, it’s all about the process.

I have to tell you, I had a moment of doubt. When they first gave me the vaccine, after 5 minutes I got dizzy. I thought, “What have I done”, then it cleared in about 10 minutes.

That was the messenger RNA (a very small amount, only 30ug) infusing my DNA and setting up my immune response.

This really is the future of Biotech, it is both exciting and exhilarating. I love being a part of it.

Now, where can I find some brains, I really have a craving for some brains…


There are several John Ringo books that start this way…


I gave blood today to the trial, they will analyze it for antibodies, but they won’t tell me the results. They want to keep me “blind” in their double blind experiment.

I plan to get antibody testing on my own. I will post the results here.


So I’m not super well versed in the mechanics of the vaccines they are testing, but if you get an antibody test, make sure it’s testing for the same antibodies that the vaccine is expected to produce. Since it’s not a whole-virus vaccine, you won’t produce the variety of antibodies that you would if naturally exposed.

The way I understand it, your defense system works by “touching” everything. When your antibodies “touch” a foreign protein, they attach and neutralize it.

SARS-CoV2 has a coating of Spike Proteins which are targeted by the mRNA vaccine, they teach your defense system how to recognize the SARS-CoV2 spike proteins, which it then kills. Further, the vaccine evokes T-cell immunity, which is sustained for the rest of your life.

My confidence is still high.

I thought you said you already had COVID in the past.

“I lost the sense of smell/taste between Days 5 & 6 for about 18 hours; those were the days the symptoms came back after a reprieve on Day 4. My Doctor told me to be very observant on Days 7 & 8, but nothing remarkable. By Day 10 everything was better, but I didn’t feel normal till Day 13.”

Does that not invalidate you from taking part in a Vaccine Trial? Would you not already have the antibodies?


I was thinking it was side effects from the vaccine.

He posted what I quoted April 7th. He says above he was injected on Sept 1st. Sorry I cannot find how to post to the original. I know you can but just struggling with figuring out how to.

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Yeah I forgot about that.

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I caught something back in March, never diagnosed. My personal Physician would not see or examine me, and my symptoms were not pronounced enough to warrant a Covid test, in his opinion. In deference to him, he had no PPE, and the fear level was very high.

By the time serology antibody tests appeared, I had been resolved 42 days. That test showed NEGATIVE. But now we know antibodies are rolling-off at about 30 days below detectability.

Before they gave me the shot on Sept 1st, they took 2 vials of blood, and stabbed my brain with a swab. Again on Sept 23rd, they stabbed my brain, but no blood test.

So I had several of the symptoms, but thankfully no serious case of anything. I took the shots, and got dizzy after 5 minutes, had an ache in my arm for 2 days, and my body temperature was up by 1.2’F for 10 days. I still have no certainty.

So let’s quiz our audience: should I cheat the Trial and get an antibody test now? If I come up positive, I got the vaccine. If it is negative, I didn’t.

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Hell yes cheat the trial. Your “blindness” is irrelevant now.

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