COVID-19: Crisis Inspiring Innovations

Coming together to address supply chain issues

Formlabs is mobilizing its community of users to deploy nearly 1,000 printers to quickly mass-produce these swabs as well as other important personal protective equipment (PPE). A single print can produce 300 test swabs at a time enabling Formlabs to produce 75,000-150,000 swabs per day. This development will rapidly provide hospitals with access to large quantities of these essential COVID-19 test kit components. The Formlabs team is working with three leading U.S. hospitals, as well as Boston-based medical professor Dr. Ramy Arnaout on the swab design. The company plans to print these swabs in-house and share the design files with its community as well as other health systems to scale the project nationwide.

It occurred to me that if COVID-19 starts to overwhelm area hospitals, we might consider using our Formlabs printer to print needed supplies. I don’t think we currently at that point, but this would be a way for DMS to give back to our community.


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