Could we use small pick and place robot donation?

The company I work for, Lennox, has a small barely used pick and place robot. Are we interested?

The model is Janome JR-V2303M1, it was discontinued about a year ago, still can get service until 2028, we think we have used it twice.



Hey Randy,

I’m not a decision maker on this, but wanted to thank you for the offer and put my two cents to try and help make a decision.

As someone that has owned and operated pick and place machines, they are amazing tools than can be used in many different ways. To those new to them, think of them as a robot arm. They don’t have to be used for electronics only. That said, I’ve found them not to be that helpful in prototyping and less than 200+ piece production. Because the learning curve and setup often take more effort than doing the production by hand or using other tools. Another thing to look out for is accessory costs, these machines can often require accessories not included that are startlingly expensive and can multiply the cost of the setup quickly.

That all said, the right group of members wanting to work with this and teach classes around it could make it a positive for the club. This also looks to be a modern system meaning we don’t have to keep a computer running from the early 90s to make it work.

Cool machine, I hope we have the interest to make it viable.


We may have a soldering head for it, looks like there is some sort of pressure controller, maybe for a dispensing head.

Your point of the learning curve and time to program it is spot on. It’s hard for me to imagine using it as a pick and place but it would be fun to play with and sticking a marker in it and drawing something would be cool for tours. Like custom name badges or spirograph like drawings. We might be able to mount a Dremel in it. It is on a shelf so not setup working at the moment.

Operating Range :X・Y・Z Axis
300x320x50(mm) or 300x320x100(mm)

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Can we make a temporary pancake-bot out of it :slight_smile: ?


I’m interested in this - will accept the donation for PR if it’s available.


I let Lennox know we will accept the donation. Guessing I can pick it up next week

I remember a few years ago I ran into a member who was using a pick and place machine at the 'space. It had been lent to us by someone who later took it back.

This guy was ordering custom-made PCB boards from somewhere in China and making circuit boards for pulling proprietary diagnostic codes off older German cars (1980s to 2000s?). I think he was mainly selling them online to mechanics in Russia. Somehow his process involved cooking the finished boards in a toaster oven?! Pretty cool stuff!

Seems to me like this is one of those machines that, for some users, might independently justify their joining the 'space.

And doesn’t this belong in Electronics and not the Metal Shop?

It’s kind of funny because I was actually talking to one of my friends about buying a cheap one for the space a week or two ago… I would absolutely love to see this in the EE group (although let’s please make sure that training is required/people don’t break it right away)

It wouldn’t be in metal shop.
Julie spoke up first I’m guessing mainly just to give the OK to accept the donation. Im sure we can find a place for it where anyone who wants to use it can.

Right now it should be ready to pickup next Tuesday. Spec weight is <90lbs so I’m sure I can find someone to help unload it. I don’t know yet when Ill bring it, maybe noon or else late afternoon


Thanks for the donation! What did Lennox use this for? Went looking for manuals and didn’t find any available on line. This looks like a generic set up - not for assembling pcbs w/ smds. Not seeing any reel support for smds on tape etc.

That was probably Thomas @benemorius. IIRC set up was a slow tedious process. At the time there were only 2 members that figured out how to use the machine. I asked for classes and got no response. Some time after that I requested the donor to take it back. Also ELab was in what is now Digital Media and floor space was in short supply.

The history of the pros / cons of getting a PnP machine for pcb assembly for the ELab can be found out here on Talk. Do the search and get informed.

Resurrecting this topic.
I downloaded the manuals and printed them out.
They’re in the 3 ring binder by the unit.