Could an administrator update Fusion 360 on the jump server?


I couldn’t CNC my multicam project because the jumpserver doesn’t have a recent Fusion 360 install.

Additionally I was in an advanced Fusion 360 class and one of the other students running jumpserver session on their MAC wasn’t able to follow the class as well as would be desired, due to the obsolete install of Fusion 360.

Could this please be updated?


@Team_Infrastructure cc


Someone get me the software link and I’ll install it. I just wasted half an hour trying to get registered with Autodesk.


I think this was the last time it was done
so if we can squeeze a moment out of @LisaSelk, whom I am excited for having a job that keeps her busy, but miss terribly, she might be able to impart much wisdom.

This link

says to download the windows installer from Autodesk Fusion 360 Installer for Windows and then run the installer with a command line argument.

Don’t know if that’ll work, though…


That seemed to work. Give it a try.


(Don’t have anything on deck to "put it through its paces; hopefully someone else who reads this will…)
Otherwise, off to a good start

Thank you!


It works. Thank you for your quick and effective attention fixing this issue!


@StanSimmons I hate to bring back a topic, but it seems that Fusion 360 may need another update.

I am trying to open a project on the Jump Server that was created on a different computer only to get the error message in the attached image.