Copper Coffee Spoon Duplication

I bought the coffee spoon below at a blacksmithing conference. Cost was $20.00. It is made of copper and a piece of ordinary A36 steel. I would like to duplicate it.

I know we have a sheet metal punch/cutter for up to 2" disks and I know copper is a soft metal, but I wanted to confirm that the sheet metal punch was the right tool to make copper disks from sheet copper. Any other ideas for punching/cutting out a circle in copper sheet would be appreciated, too.


The punch will punch the copper out, however it will put in a divot in the center. I would say the throatless shear, tin snips or pneumatic tin snips would be a better job.


What thickness/gauge copper sheet?

I believe it is 18 ga. These are the readings from my digital caliper. I have a 48”x36” sheet plus a bunch of smaller stock.