Copier use donation question

Sometime in the next couple of weeks I’m going to need to run off several letter size copies on The copier in the computer / table game room (?) And I am wondering what the appropriate donation per copy would be.
I haven’t completed the design so I’m not sure if I’m going straight black and white or if there’s going to be a little color, if there is it won’t be much.
I’m not going to be running off prints of stained glass, rainbows or anything like that, lol


This was the last word I’d heard on that:

<10 images (sides) BW = No charge
Color/>10 BW images = $0.10/image (side)
Payable in cash by noting on Envelope with note for “Infrastructure: Printing” dropped into Finance drop box

no idea if there’s any Square setup, etc.
And printing to that device has been…touch & go, of late…

Ok, awesome!
Thank you!

I could have sworn that > 10 BW was $0.01 per page. We do not want a bunch of coins, so keep mental track and drop off a Washington periodically.

IIRC it was $0.10 per page for color. Does is still do color? Could be a different machine for all I know.

Yes, it was a dime per color page, but I thought it was only a penny for B&W.

That was what I recall. 10 free B&W

Andrew has the right rates. I find the printer pretty much always works if you use the IP address on the side and select direct print, it’s pretty finnicky otherwise. If you don’t mind rounding to the nearest dollar it’s appreciated. I don’t count the coins so they end up just added to an infinite pile in the finance office.

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Would it be helpful if I brought in my crappy (but accurate) coin sorter and some paper tubes?

It’s not working that way right now due to the fatal error that requires the service call; as reported in this other thread.

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If you’re willing to volunteer to count them, I’d be happy to have the help. Otherwise I’ll just continue my current plan of putting them in the bag and hoping someone else is treasurer by the time it fills up.


Sure I can help. It’s just a crappy desktop roller intended for putting on a dresser and getting rid of pocket change. But it’s fast and reliable.

Does anyone still accept rolled coins? I stopped rolling change 20 years ago when nobody I was accustomed to taking them to would accept them anymore. Couldn’t believe getting reprimanded at the bank for having my money precounted…

Now I take it kroger and hold up the self check trying to feed on twenty bux in pennies…


Dunno. I just roll and stash mine for the apocalypse, when I’m hoping some idiot shopkeeper will accept shiny tokens with dead presidents in exchange for bottled water and toilet paper.

If there is a safe and legit way to do it, we could always exchange them fee-free for an Amazon gift card at a Coinstar machine and then make ‘space purchases with it.

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I use coinstar at Kroger. If you accept payment in a gift card there is usually no counting fee. This may not be useful for DMS but it is kind of fun!


I am going to ask this one more time in language as clear as possible to prevent misinterpretation.

It has been my understanding that:

  • Color is a dime apiece regardless of quantity

  • B & W is a penny apiece, but because we do want a bunch of pennies, fewer than ten is forgiven. Because we do not want to handle change at all, members are encouraged to keep mental track and pay a dollar occasionally.

There appears to be a belief that ten or more B & W is also a dime each. I believe that is not correct. B & W is less expensive than color. Asking for a dime for B & W will actually cost DMS money as users will not go out of their way to avoid color.

Here is the sign above the copier:


I have ZERO knowledge of DMS’ situation, but in my last job, color actually cost us less.

Wonder who put that up and when…

That’s been there for quite some time. Well, at some time since we moved the copier over there. I mean, I remember it as $.10 color, but then I try to never print color.