Cookies... (and some characters)

I made a few cookies yesterday during/after Handbuilding.

The bisque was So Full that I’ve put them on the Works In Progress shelf. I’ve got a picture on my phone that I was going to post, but for some reason my sad little phone doesn’t want to pull up Talk. Maybe later.

So – @Team_CeramicsFire – when you load bisque (assuming that they’re dry), look for those cookies to load. They’re on one easy-to-see shelf, made from Free Clay, so they’re a bit marbled, and I wrote DMS on each one. As I get back there, I’ll try to check for dryness and find a spot to put them on the Ready to Fire/Bisque shelf. I did think we wanted these in as soon as possible.


No need to bisque them, they can go into a cone 6 firing. You mostly only stop at bisque temps for the purposes of glazing. No glaze equals excellent time to single fire, cost efficiency for the win!