Convert a machine from floppy to USB

I have a brother embroidery machine that requires floppy disks to transfer sew art files to it. Ordered floppies and a reader and no luck formatting them.

I saw on YouTube where someone has modified theirs to accept USB sticks. Its beyond my skill but I’m fine paying someone who knows what they’re doing to mod it so we can continue using it on campus. Thanks.

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I remember seeing units on amazon and ebay that will replace an old floppy drive with a USB or SD card.

Here is one such example, but I don’t vouch for it as I just did a quick search and am sharing the link.

Click here

I don’t know nearly enough about how to do this to DIY it on a piece of equipment we use so often. I found some YouTube videos on it so I know it’s possible, but given how much the machine costs it’s better left to someone knowledgeable. I didn’t post a price because idk what the going rate is for that kind of work but I will pay whoever does it

Hubs watched some vids and feels confident. How does one know if a brand is reliable for this sort of thing?

I think they’re really all made by the same company in China, but there’s a fairly large maker community out there that has converted old sewing machines using these. They might have more information about it.

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Thanks! I found a video with my machine in it. Theirs was a ribbon cable instead of pins but I think I found one that will work. I’ll know for sure tomorrow when it comes. If not I did find one for $100 on Ebay that had my model listed as compatible.

Lol I don’t have confidence but Mr. Moose does and it’s not like it does much right now other than sew anyway!

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