Confusing amount of areas for recycled clay

Hi department!
Okay, Beth has three buckets near the glazes that she’s working with for recycled clay. Who does the orange bucket belong to? What is the purpose of it? Also, what about the Tupperware container we have historically used for recycled clay? We do not need to have all of these options. Let’s communicate.

Also- buckets, paper and anything that is not clay has never been allowed in the recycled bucket.

Historically it is a Free Clay bin that should have large pieces of clay that could be wedged into workable clay for new students wanting to practice throwing or handbuilding. Slop/slip does not belong. The towel covering the clay should be kept moist


Maybe we want to return the clay bin to free clay bin? Maybe we only want to use that for recycling white clay only?

Regarding health, environmental sanitation and hygiene, I am not comfortable with the idea of leaving uncovered vessels with liquid/damp clay around where they can collect mold and insect larvae. I’ve already discussed this issue with @dryad2b and she is working towards a more permanent/covered solution with her buckets, however, if there is not change by the next meeting, we will discontinue that recycled clay approach. The Home Depot bucket is uncovered and no one has communicated ownership to me.

Since we’re mostly returning to pre covid times (with the exception of masks and social distancing), maybe we need to approach at the next meeting? Thoughts?

The towel covering the clay has moved beyond moist. It looks like it’s disintegrating onto the clay. (That’s the blue thing, if you were wondering @Synth83).

We’ll chat the next time I see you.