Cone 06 at the 'Space?

Do we have a kiln that fires at cone 06?
I don’t really know anything else about the project other than a friend of a friend is looking to do a project that involves firing small small beads at cone 06.


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I don’t think that cone 06 can be fired at DMS? @Team_Ceramics

The Kiln & I in Plano can fire 06 if this can’t be fired at DMS.


Thanks Julie! :heart:

The kilns here can fire 06 but it isn’t one of our standard community firings. We can do special runs but would likely want to fill at least 75% of a kiln to justify it and our kilns are pretty large. Our regular bisque is to 04 if that is within a tolerance range for his/her clay/glazes!

Trinity also offers pretty decent pricing on firing.

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Thanks Christy! :heart:

You could do a mixed load with glazed ware at the bottom and greenware in the top. Bisque at ^06 is a common temp for high fire, so it shouldn’t effect the final glaze of those pieces. And since we cool slow, chances of thermal shock is minimal.


Thanks Nathan! :heart:

When I fire for other people I fire the 06 load at 04 with bisque.

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