Concern - Ware boards and handling

Do we know who might be removing pieces from their properly dated ware boards? A couple of days ago I had 2 pieces on a ware board with my name and date on them. Today I went to work on them, and they were both sitting on the shelf with no board under them. Lucky for me, neither one was broken (yet). Still, we’ve got guidelines, and I don’t appreciate someone doing something that potentially could get my pieces tossed just they don’t follow those guidelines.

I’m figuring this was someone random, just jacking with things because they don’t understand those guidelines. So – if you see someone removing pieces from the ware boards who isn’t performing the dating maintenance, please tell them that things need to stay on their ware boards.

Also, I have always put my pieces on a board of some type (even when it wasn’t the guideline) because my pieces are small and fragile. One of these pieces had already been broken twice sitting on its’ proper board.


Might not have been totally a removal. One piece was definitely not on a board when I worked on it earlier, but when I went to look again, my board was where I’d picked up the 2nd piece. It was clear, and under a couple of other boards to some degree.

Glad you found your board. I agree we need to make sure that folks are being careful when placing items on the in progress shelf not to bump or shift other pieces too much. I do find that folks tend to place piece up front on the shelves, leaving room in the back. It is very easy to bump something trying to get to the space in the back. If folks moved their pieces toward the back they are less likely to be shifted, bumped, etc…

Just my 2 cents

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