Compound table at makerspace


Is there a compound table at makerspace? I was hoping to combine this with one of the drill presses to do some hand tooling of nylon with a dremel for accuracy.


Sorry we don’t have one



They aren’t very expensive for a small one that would fit the little drill press. Can we get one?



As long as it’s not Metric!
Yeah I’ll see what I can do. Just don’t expect it to be here very soon


Ok, thanks. I wasn’t sure since I had never seen one there before.


I wouldn’t expect jack for accuracy with a Dremel unless you do some shimming of the bearings in the case housing. Dremels have a lot of slop otherwise.

You’re better off using the Sherline mill if you need a lot of accuracy. Dremel is rough until you do some accurizing work.


The Sherline is a good suggestion. It has an x-y compound slide and there is a mini vise for it.


And … we have a rotating vise base and a tilting angle table for the Sherline mill so you can likely achieve compound angles that way.