Committee Voice - Letter of Intent Chair (Dwight Spencer)


As many of you know there is a needed committee vote for chair this month. Thus I’m still going to run for chair and would welcome anyone to be a vice chair.

So far we’ve found our voice, and gotten ourselves bootstrapped. Now is the time to solidify ourselves and show the world and the membership who we are and what we’re made of.

My goals are as follows:

  • Finish the expansion move and committee area rebuild
  • Improve PR and space awareness about the committee by having committee hackathons in the committee space doing tour nights. Doing more live streams at the space and getting better “swag” and promotional items hosted in the committee area while working with our PR volunteers to continue spreading the word across the DFW area.
  • Drive more hackathons, committee fundraiser events, and membership drives; events dedicated to building committee membership and strengthening our place among the DFW area
  • Issue each member a CommunityGrid cluster kit
  • Move our core course online and host workgroup/lab work sessions in its place at the space.
  • Improve SIG leadership and through training and empowerment
  • Improve Mentorship through committee empowerment
  • Host more unique one off computer classes at the space (ie using python to make things, how to legally hack a website, how to use retrobrite)
  • Host three new social events per month
  • Get the committee to participate in Defcon, Quakecon, and National level hackathons
  • As a stretch goal bridge the gap between software and hardware

Over the coming term it’s imperative that we continue to improve our little community we have at the space and keep eyes on our larger goals.



The next committee meeting is this Wednesday, May 15 at 7.