Committee Meeting Minutes 05/25/19

We met on time. We talked about stuff. We ended sometime after the beginning. the end.

You don’t have to post minutes here but much appreciated. Can you email that to [email protected] ?

nope. they are posted to the wiki as expected. Like the committee indicated, we will do no different than we already do.


sure they are:

Distilled to a wiki entry. Feel free to update.


If you’re going to edit and omit information from the original source I see no reason to continue to post minutes. Just make up what you want. Other chairs should take note of this.

Seems like Erik put only the votes in, which is the important part. The wiki is easily edited, so you can add the discussion stuff whenever.

It should be noted, simply uploading a PDF is a terrible way to record minutes, as the content of the PDF is not searchable.


As Andrew has ninja’ed while I was composing this, meeting minutes are terse summaries of the agenda items considered and acted upon. They are not a summary of discussion items.

I noted two items with formal motions and noted those as minutes. If you’d like to attach the PDF as a more complete record of the meeting, please feel free to do so.


It is also not editable which is why it is and will continue to be done.

It’s still editable, anyone can upload a new version.

You’re going through a lot of extra hassle for no real gain.

If you put the minutes on a wiki page you can do everything in one click. Create page, tag the category and the links are all automatic.

Right now you have to make a PDF, upload it, then go edit a page and link to it.

I, for one, appreciate the meeting “notes” that go beyond mere “minutes.” While “minutes” are required, @nicksilva’s notes allow those of us who are unable to attend to better understand the goings-on in the machine shop AND fulfill the requirement for minutes. Whether it’s pure wiki or PDF, I personally don’t care. I can appreciate the arguments for both. However, distilling the “notes” into pure “minutes” is unnecessary and problematic for at least some members.

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Agreed, having notes is great, as long as the votes are clearly indicated though.