Come and Learn to Blacksmith with Us!

We’re halfway through 2018, so I figured it was a good time to do a little review of what your friendly neighborhood Blacksmithing committee is up to:

So far, we’ve held 20 classes this year and we’re just getting started. Induction forge training is happening on a regular basis (next one on the 10th of July) and open forge days are happening about twice each month. What are we making in our project classes? I thought you’d never ask. Here’s a sampling:

Steak Turners

Cheese Slicers

Bottle Openers


All kinds of cool stuff.

We’re happy to welcome a new member, Bill Epps, who’s an amazing smith and is really going to bring a lot to the Space. Bills first class its Monday, July 9, where he’ll teach us how to make tongs like an expert. You should sign up. I did.

We’re happy to report that the long-awaited propane cage is finally in Dallas and we’ll be working to get that installed shortly. A little bird tells me a new small forge is on the way as well.

So come join us. We make stuff out of metal and drink beer when we’re done. It’s a good time and only going to get better going forward. On the horizon, we’ll be rebuilding our current propane forge and looking at some ways to engage a little more with the wider world of blacksmithing in North Texas.

On a personal note, I want to thank our Chair @EthanWestern for taking on the committee and doing a great job. @HankCowdog has been instrumental as well, hopefully Fort Collins gives him back sooner rather than later. I’m not gonna name all the rest of our committee members who show up regularly, but you know who you are, and you’re awesome too.


We have FB page for blacksmithing

It needs more posts and pictures and good picture for it

It is suffeering from my lack of a way to post photos

@Cairenn_Day … I think you might have posted the wrong page there …

Good catch, I edited it, Yep I have been out int polical wegs tonight
Usually it is some science study of gyphostee that ghosts posts

Is that finished flower the after, and is this the before? I assume this was cut on the plasma table beforehand and then finished manually?

I’d love to figure out how to make a BBQ burger flipper…after I learn how to hammer, taper, etc etc etc :slight_smile:


Yep, exactly.

Like a spatula? That’s doable. I’d be happy to help with that.

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yeah, something like this, but way more simple (not out of a wrench etc). I’ll keep an eye out for an open forge and touch base with you beforehand perhaps. No idea (yet) where to get, and what material, to buy…


Totally doable. We could even do something like this on the induction forge. Piece of cake.

Do you have any suggestion on what material to get, and where to get it? Maybe I can get the material gathered and figure out when you might be up there…

Also, during a basic hammer class on Monday with Billy the induction forge was leaking coolant (?). Is that something that could cause it damage, has anyone mentioned it to maintenance?

For the blade, I’d probably just use a small piece of sheet steel. The scrap bin often has stuff the right size for this. Online metals, metals 4 u, Metal supermarkets, definitely would have something but you might end up having to by a bigger piece. Home depot might even have something small enough.

For the handle material, 1/2 inch bar stock, probably about 10-12 inches-ish long. any of the above suppliers would have that or I may have a piece you can just have. I’ll look this evening.

First I’ve heard of it. Where was the leak? I’ll try to get up there and take a look tonight or tomorrow. @EthanWestern

If I’m not mistaking the leak, if looking at the front, was front left. But if you run the unit you should see the drip after it is warmed up.

Cool. Thanks. It’s probably that the coil just isn’t seated quite right. Not a big deal.

It’s actually leaking somewhere inside the case, Tim was gonna take a look at it after the class not sure if he did but I’m about to head over and take a look at it

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Cool. I’ll probably see you there.

i looked, I have some material that’ll work for the handle when you’re ready.

Hi Brad.

Are you gonna be there at all tomorrow? I’ve got a class with John from 330 to 630 but am free before or after if you’re gonna be there at all…

If not I think I’ve got a few classes next weekend or whatever.


Since this thread got necro’d, maybe it’s time for a new update:

In the last year, we more than doubled the number of classes taught, added a forge press from Riverside Machine in Arkansas, exhibited at the Great Western Heritage Festival in Lewisville, and made a bunch of cool stuff. We also added a ton of new materials and equipment due to some very generous donations from Will Frary and are waiting on expansion progress to build out the new area.

On to some new pics:

As always, everyone is invited; come on out and make stuff from steel. Next open forge is Sunday!