Colors not matching


Been a while since I printed for a dye sub project and I’m running into a problem. My printed colors are way off from me screen color. The Cyan ink was low when I printed this.

Hints? suggestions?


Are we looking at the printed “master”, or the object after sublimation? Remember that the printed “master” will sublimate more vividly.

And yes - it does look like the cyan ink is low.


Is monitor calibrated to match the printer?


Not sure, I doubt it. but the Colors on the DMS monitor sitting next to the printer show about the same colors a the one at home…


This was the printed master. I expected the colors to be a little off, darker that the final result, but not this dark.


You cannot make any comparison from the printer output to expected colors. You have to wait until you have transferred the image to the substrate. Greens and reds color shift the most, in my experience.


It does not print like a regular printer, the dye sub inks look different on the paper than they do after they’ve been heated to 400 degrees and have moved onto your printed item.
Since you have already printed those, I would recommend putting them into a test piece to see what the colors look like on a finished article.


The printed master before transfer will not look like the final product. There is a very large change in the colors when they are put through the sublimation process on to your final object, where the colors should match up to the desired colors.