Colored Float Glass


Sometimes it pays to be an insomniac!

I stand corrected, I’ve been told over and over that float glass only comes in clear, transparent bronze, and a transparent gray. My most recent search was with Binswanger Glass. Very nice people that took the time to show me their available glass stock.

I am a constant researcher and about 1am this morning I found Armstrong Glass Company in South Atlanta Ga. Being a person that believes in Karma and Divine Intervention I am just like WOW! Colored Float Glass!

How amazing is this that I will be in the Atlanta area all week next week!. Looks like I will be visiting, researching, and picking this companies brains about float glass next week! they have sheet glass , frit, stringers , and confetti

Doing my happy dance… no wait, that’s the peepee dance,I got to GO!

Anita Willis