Collectible Auto Insurance

I carry collectible insurance on one of my vehicles through a company that was recommended by USAA. Today we received an email saying that if we are in an area projected to be impacted by the storm (i.e., pending hurricane):

you should consider moving your collector vehicle to a safer location. If you do, we will reimburse your out-of-pocket expense to cover the cost of a temporary storage facility, gasoline for the trip, or for the towing of your collector car.

I never imagined that an insurance company would be so generous. Yes, it’s in their best interests because it protects the vehicle but I’m still impressed.

Anyone who is interested in particulars can DM me and I can provide the company info. I have no financial interest whatsoever in this company but was impressed enough to pass along their information to anyone who wants it.


I have 2 vehicles covered under collectable car insurance as well.

Have to love Texas & antique plates ! My 1966 VW Doka now sports vintage black 1966 Texas license plates.