Cold Saw question

Is the cold saw working at this time?? planning a project and need to know if it works and how do I become blessed to use it???

If functional I’ll provide a spot train. Last I saw it had a hydraulic leak so it was operating but not at capacity.

EDIT: just told it’s been fixed

I can’t cut 1/8 wall tube with this can I?

It will do solid mild steel, and up to 1/8" wall tubing stainless

I just dropped off a blade for sharpening, and will see about getting the rest done today. The saw needs to have the hydraulics bled and refilled. I would proceed with caution, the current blade is barely adequate.

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What is the statue of the cold saw now? I had training on it a long time ago and could use a refresher… Is anyone available?


As of Friday Afternoon the floor guys were using the power for their equipment. We did put a refreshed blade on it.

It’s still powerless

Any clue on when it will be up again?

What else do we have that I can cut 1/8" 2" X 2" square tube?

the Horizontal Bandsaw in the metal shop will cut that fine.

Make sure you check for square. Last I checked, it had serious issues keeping a cut 90°.

Maybe it was just me.

Hi, any update on the Cold saw? Is it up and working again?

yeah it’s operational. Just a little slower since it needs some love, but working.

Good news… is it safe to assume the lock is still the pattern from a year ago?

Should be.

It was yesterday