Cold Cut saw blade charge introduced


Much like the wood shop in which the unfortunate person that trips the saw stop is expected to pony up money or the replacement - the machine shop has voted to do the same with the Cold Cut blades.

The main reason the cold cut blade has broken has been to poor clamping which makes it a user issue. Cold cut blades run about $165 each. We realize that there is wear and tear on it from use so if you’re the unlucky person that breaks one we will be requesting a $75 replacement fee. This is effective immediately.


Can you elaborate on the clamping issues so that those of us that use it sparingly can learn?


simple - make sure it is clamped.
It is a pneumatic clamping system which you only have to manually clamp close to it. Engaging the clamp closes the rest of the way. It is still the responsibility of the user to simply reach up, tug on the workpiece to make sure it doesn’t move.

Other issues may have been with roundstock which can ‘lift’ or roll up as it is clamped. Again, the user should check that it is firmly secured. cheers!


@nicksilva: Wasn’t another issue was thin stock that bent and bound things?


And as I found out (although on the aluminum saw), small stock is also a problem.


Do you want me to try to find a place to add this information to the Machine Shop wiki?


yes, that is a good point, thanks.


yes. please and thank you.



Resources Section:

Machine Training and Costs section:

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thank you. especially for removing the former members.


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@nicksilva, I was the one who broke the blade. As I mentioned when I informed you of the breakage, I will pay the cost.

What is the process for doing so?

I can mail in a check, unless there is a preferred alternative.


I don’t think there is any expectation that you pay for the blade. This was a going forward action and was part of a broader discussion at the meeting on the increasing cutter, drill, saw blade costs.


But if you choose to donate to the Machine shop, there are envelopes by the copier and deposit into the accounting box.