Cold cut saw and black pipe threading

I need to cut 3/4" black pipe and thread the ends for a shelving project. I have 36 pieces that I need to do.

I have never used either the cold cut saw or pipe threader.

Can someone tell me the best way to get trained on them?

Thank You


You should be able to cut the pipe on the threader.

Does the threader require training?

You should probably look for a “Tool Time with Tim” event/class. @TBJK has them semi-regularly for all the tools that should have at least a bit of training first. I don’t see one on the Calendar right now – that’s why I pinged Tim…

Thanks, I was going to go last Thursday but the storm kept me away.

I will be there tonight. I’m about to head that direction(won’t be there until about 6), we can get you taken care of.


Thanks alot, i will see you tonight

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