Coding and/or Airbrushing for beginners Every Monday 6-8pm

Being a laptop for coding (or I can probably find one for you)
Bring a shirt for airbrushing


Would love to do airbrushing but can’t make tonight. Could this be offered again in future?

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We plan on doing it every week.


I took airbrush class from Musashi. He’s a really good instructor, and a person who puts into practice the Be Excellent principal, both as a teacher and as an individual.

I haven’t met Rafael or taken his classes, but I like the way these two classes are presented together but separate and am interested in his class as well.

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Any chance for an airbrush class not on a Tuesday or Wednesday? I bowl every Tuesday and Wednesday between now and Memorial Day.

This one was yesterday and we plan on doing them every Monday.

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Sorry, missed the date in the title. I’ll try to make one soon. I’ve got a 2-year old airbrush that I’ve never actually used.

Sweet! I’m glad you’ll be able to make it soon!

Is it okay to show up at 7pm? Or is this structured? I am unable to show up any sooner.


Good question. It’s setup so that you can show up when you want. I recommend for the coding part that you give yourself an hour. This was yesterday and will take place every Monday.

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Right that is why I was asking. For future events.

What coding language are you teaching? My Macbook bit the dust years ago. For iOS, is it Cocoa, Swift, or something else? Thanks, @raffi.

The way I do it is I think up a small project we can do in at most an hour. What I choose depends on your skill level and what you’re interested in.

For absolute beginners who don’t have a MacBook, I would probably do hello world in Java.

For people who bring a MacBook, I’d do either regular hello world in Swift or basic app in Swift, depenig on their experience level. Last time we made an app that changes the background color to a random color when you tap a button.

My two strongest languages are Java and Swift, so I will probably stick to those two.

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I have a little experience with Swift playgrounds. It’s fun!

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I’m a competent Android developer, had no previous exposure to native iOS development (never even loaded xCode nor looked at “Hello World” samples), and was the only person there for the iOS tutorial section. In the span of about an hour we

  1. went through creating a button that changed the screen background to a random color; and
  2. display an image returned from an HTTP API source.
    I followed along, entering the code in my IDE (which actually compiled with minimal corrections and ran on the emulator ). He was able to continue. I was saturated at that point but have a good intro understanding of a native iOS dev environment.

In not in town most of the time, so haven’t been to these classes. I did take Musashi’s air brush class earlier and he’s an excellent teacher. Recurrent classes are one of THE keys to successful classes, and benefit the space immensely. I want to suggest that DMS look at some sort of approval processes whereby such classes are funded (honorarium and other costs) for a determined number of weekly iterations to give them a chance to get traction.

Last week we had four people come and work in coding. Which was out biggest class yet. And they Seemed interested in coming back.

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