CNC Wire Bender


This machine or one like it would a wonderful addition to the machine shop:


You know we have a Di-Acro (No 2 I believe) bender.


Seems like a wonderfully over-priced unitasker. Why would we ever want something like this?



Shawn, check this machine out!

This would be awesome for custom pinball builds. :smiley:


$4k to bend wire?
can’t say I could get behind that even if someone was ponying up $3999 of it.


Yeah, but there are a lot of bent wire pieces on pinball playfields. The hard part is making enough to recoup the cost.


The real value IMO is to make custom piano wire springs. Making precise springs by hand is a pain in the ass.

The price is definitely high but they are the only game in town for a non-industrial machine as far as I know.


Several months ago(?) there was an automatic wire bender from a dental lab available as a donation. I suggested we take it, but don’t know what happened. I think @richmeyer had the information.


I did marketing for a dental startup and they used a similar wire bender to make the archwire for their brackets. They also have a 3D tooth modeling system and a method to cast these brackets in gold. Was very cool to watch. They got bought by 3M and made quite the payday. Was sad to see the go because the spent $7k/month in pay per click marketing.


No, it was not me. I do not know anything about an automatic wire bender. Sorry.


Playing devil’s advocate. The more specialized the tool, the more we have to look at ROI.

What is the long-term value over just ordering from McMaster-Carr or the like? How many custom springs does it take to get a good ROI?

Can something be built, DYI, which gets close?

(For instance, over in @Team_Electronics, I’d love to be able to grind our own crystals for oscillators, but the commercial machines are in the 10k range to start. Non-starter there.)


For Coil Springs McMaster is definitely the way to go. But Flat Springs and leg springs of a variety of shapes are used in a bunch of different machines and mechanisms. For the DIY community Flat Springs make a lot of sense as they are easier to design and tune for precise spring force values.
Examples of custom springs:
Carabiner Clip:

plier spring:

D Tent Spring:

Other weird springs, most of these are used for retention:


But there are some kinds of springs that are verboten: