CNC Training or Additional costs

Im looking to use the CNC machine soon. Is there some kind of special training i need to go through?
Are there any additional costs related to using the machine?

Are you talking about the HAAS? Because if so, pinging @TBJK and/or @malcolmputer.

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Yup. There’s a three part course.

  1. CAD/CAM Portion in Fusion 360 $30
  2. Simulator Training and Machine Side Demo $25
    2A. Self led, you CAM the Domino (we have you do a sample project)
  3. 1 on 1 with the instructor at the machine side where you run the sample project. $20 to the instructor

If you have issues running the sample project, you can take the class again at no cost.

Each 1:1 still costs $20 though.

Once you’re signed off, you’re pretty much free to run the machine whenever you like, we cover the exact rules in the class. The only costs would be your tooling and if you cause damage to the machine due to negligence you’re responsible for the repairs (we did have someone crash the spindle, and they were responsible for paying for a portion of the ~$10k repair)

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As @BarkingChicken brought up, Which CNC machine?

The Haas has a pre-requisite of Bridgeport knee mill training. This training is required so that users have an understanding of basics. There are special cases where if you have previous experience with the Bridgeport, we can essentially test you out. Most of the members do not fit that criteria though.

Before you can take the Bridgeport training, you have to do the study course & take a test before we admit you to the queue for the Bridgeport training.

As for the other CNC machines, we were working on developing training classes before the closure. Hopefully we can get picked up were we left off soon.

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Emphasis mine; we know that sometimes things are broken before you get to them and you may not know because the last operator didn’t tell anyone, or just normal wear and tear on old end mills and parts that haven’t been serviced. The person that crashed the spindle was ignoring a operational requirements.

As a side note, if you’re looking for a different CNC machine, here’s a tl;dr of all the CNCs at the space I know the process for:


One class, followed by a test-out session with a personal project. Unsure of class costs, but they are one time then you may use the machine whenever you like. This machine is good for wood and, with some addendum training, plastics.

Dynatorch CNC Plasma Table

One class, which includes running the personal project. Class is $10 machine doesn’t cost anything to use though expect to bring your own consumables since the community ones are pretty worn

Laser Cutters

One class for the thunder units, a different class for the Zing (and Fusion when it’s available). Cost to operate the lasers is $1 for every 5 minutes of cut time (unlike the other units units, these machines have more rapidly failed operating parts such as lenses and laser tubes that need service and replacement)

Shapeoko CNC Routers

much smaller CNC routers; I’m unsure what the current requirements are


IIRC it’s still not ready for operation as they work out dust control, but talk to Electronics if interested.



thanks for the reply. do you offer the trainings. im a recent graduate engineer from UTD. im dying to learn the machine. i have extensive CAD and programming experience and im ready to learn. i will be there Saturday to tour and join. i also already have a sample project to run. ive been using inventor, but im also very good at solid works. learning fusion should not be a problem.

you down to teach tomorrow?

not sure about which one i need. i also didn’t know that there are several different kinds.

i have a project in mind that i will need to cut plywood with. i want to get my training in asap. i will be there tomorrow to tour and join. i am a recent graduate engineering from UTD. i have extensive CAD and programming knowledge.

would you like to give me the lessons tomorrow?

what to give me lessons tomorrow?

I wish. I’m still quarantining for COVID. I’ll probably do a class in the next couple months, but it won’t be on the tomorrow timescale for sure :wink:

One thing to mention, not to dash your hopes, but DMS is a volunteer run org, and sometimes that means it feels like things run slower than Christmas. It took me about 6 months to get trained on everything I wanted to use in the Machine Shop, Metal Shop, Wood Shop, and 3D Fab. I knew how to use about 50% of the stuff before I started, but still needed to wait on an instructor to volunteer to put a class up, and then hopefully make it into the class. I hit refresh on the calendar pretty frequently lol.

If you want to get a head start, look at the Machine Shop Committee Drive, and work through the CAD and CAM slides, and then watch some youtube videos on how to operate a HAAS VF2 (from '93).


Ummm. We’ve cancelled tours for the quarantine??? Now, Woodshop is having their meeting tomorrow morning. You might be able to come to that and get a one-on-one tour. Or, if you are here mid-afternoon, I’d be willing to give you a tour. I don’t get here until about 3pm. Maybe a bit earlier, but no guarantees.

And, since you said plywood, you’ll be wanting the Multicam that’s run by Woodshop.


This is best left to the Multicam. I believe they are not quite doing Multicam training just yet.

thankyou to everyone who responded! i went to the woodshop committee this morning. spoke to a few people, dont think i need to learn the Haas just yet. the muilticam in the woodshop is what i wanted to learn.

i was very impressed with the community. i got to look around. people are very nice!

tomorrow, there will be a trainers meeting. hopefully someone will offer multicam training. please do! lol…

i will be on the lookout for training opportunities!

thanks everyone!