CNC Router Help!

I have an olive wood epoxy board that I’d like to engrave the letter T on… I was wanting to put the board in my laser but learned that may be toxic and could melt the epoxy. So, I was thinking maybe I could use the router to put a small letter T in the corner of the board then fill it with a different color epoxy. Is that possible? Also if it is, can anyone help me do this pretty please? I don’t know how to use the CNC at all.

You should send out the Burt Signal!


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Burt!!! Help Me!!!

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I’ll PM you

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Wow! What a cool project @Sandra_Hill has happening.

One of the resident Multicam Ninjas @mdredmond chucked up one of his tiny 1/16" end mills and took care of the request.

The typical size end-mill we use is 1/4"

The one used. The shaft diameter is the same @ 1/4’", but the cutting surface is just a tiny bit smaller. You use this when you want to take tiny little cuts.

So what did Sandra want to accomplish?
(Just look how tiny this tool is)

See the “T”?

She is going to pour a contrasting colored epoxy into the letter, and then flood fill the whole item.

There are all kinds of neat things you can do once you learn the Multicam.


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How it turned out.


What kind of epoxy did you use for the fill and top coat?

I used Aquaseal Marine Epoxy.